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#755 GHC 6.4.2 crashes frequently on OSX Tiger 10.4.6 bug closed high 6.4.2
#747 Unloading a dll does not clean up properly bug closed normal 6.6
#604 Windows installer: use WiX task closed low 6.6.1
#764 DESTDIR Makefile variable igloo feature request closed low 6.6.1
#931 -caf-all gives "Error: symbol `Mainmain_CAF_cc_ccs' is already defined" bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1075 ghci unhandled exception on startup (memory access violation) bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1076 runhaskell crash with .hi/.o files in the directory bug closed normal 6.6.1
#1166 GHCi crashes under Windows 2003 server bug closed highest 6.6.1
#106 com. line args not honoured for recompil bug closed low 6.8.1
#445 panic! mkWWcpr: not a product simonpj bug closed low 6.8.1
#934 Allow load to work correctly when executed multiple times the same session for BatchCompile feature request closed normal 6.8.1
#1094 loop optimization by removing constants feature request closed normal 6.8.1
#1156 usleep hangs indefinitely when using -threaded bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1206 "Bad interface file: System/IO.hi" in ghci when ./System/IO.hs exists bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1636 Profiling reports contain $f1, $f2 etc bug closed normal 6.8.1
#1682 ghci Foo.hs should load the Foo.hs file interpreted feature request closed normal 6.8.1
#1714 GHC crashes when encountering arrow syntax bug closed high 6.8.1
#1020 Build dynamic libraries by default for OSX feature request closed normal 6.8.2
#1021 GHC static libraries are not position independent in OSX bug closed normal 6.8.2
#1226 Add flags --full-flag-help and --print-docdir igloo feature request closed normal 6.8.2
#1373 Allow Access to generated STG from the GHC API feature request closed normal 6.8.2
#1865 GHCi debugger crashes with :print bug closed normal 6.8.2
#1905 runProcess: misbehaving exception on nonexistent working directory simonmar bug closed normal 6.8.2
#1931 readline/rlstdc.h not found (and other errors) when building readline on Mac OS X with framework GNUreadline judah bug closed normal 6.8.2
#2013 ghci crash on startup: R_X86_64_32S relocation out of range. simonmar bug closed high 6.10.1
#2366 ASSERT failed! file typecheck/TcMType.lhs line 517 bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2417 using GADT syntax for an associated datatype causes GHC to panic chak bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2418 desugaring type function application to constraint makes bug disappear bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2498 RULES pragma broken in the head igloo bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2563 With -N4: "internal error: RELEASE_LOCK: I do not own this lock: Task.c 269" bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2633 Broken windres in Windows installer bug closed normal 6.10.1
#2686 Panic in OpenAFP with GHC 6.10 RC bug closed high 6.10.1
#1819 x86 native codegen implements float2int# incorrectly bug closed normal 6.8.3
#1890 Regression in mandelbrot benchmark due to inlining bug closed high 6.8.3
#1992 6.8.2 intermittent build failure on multiple OS X versions bug closed normal 6.8.3
#1998 Stricter enumFrom instance for Integer, to match Int bug closed normal 6.8.3
#2117 ppc "./Setup build" seg-faults on Mac OS leopard bug closed normal 6.8.3
#2155 More deadlock issues with concurrent I/O simonmar bug closed normal 6.8.3
#2317 Garbage collector crashes in simple parallel sorting program bug closed high 6.8.3
#1208 ghci-6.6 aborts at initialization bug closed normal 6.8 branch
#2512 MAP_32BIT flag might not be respected under xen? bug closed normal 6.10.2
#2730 Quasiquote or TH linking may need HPC flag bug closed normal 6.10.2
#2753 GHC 6.10.1 cannot compile Crypto-4.1.0 bug closed normal 6.10.2
#2825 Stack overflow death bug closed normal 6.10.2
#2912 GHCi bug: bus error when executing some gsl-random code bug closed high 6.10.2
#3288 GC assertion failure in reactive program simonmar bug closed high 6.10.4
#1798 add better framework support to ghc feature request closed normal 6.10 branch
#1807 type equality coercions not symmetric + order dependent chak bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#1842 runInteractiveCommand should install SIGCHLD handler bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#1948 panic compiling associated type synonyms chak bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#1986 runhaskell doesn't have a --version option feature request closed normal 6.10 branch
#1993 "RegAllocLinear.getStackSlotFor: out of stack slots" when compiling SHA1.hs in darcs bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2116 ghci should try to read erroneous modules partially feature request closed normal 6.10 branch
#2160 "internal error: PAP object entered!" when running ghci compiled with profiling bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2231 ASSERT failed! file typecheck/TcMType.lhs line 442 t_a7Fa{tv} [tau] simonpj bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2471 generate C wrappers for FFI functions task closed normal 6.10 branch
#2568 hSetBuffering NoBuffering and getChar don't work properly on Windows bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#2763 while installing cabal from darcs, and bug closed normal 6.10 branch
#592 signal handlers should be able to access siginfo_t information simonmar feature request closed normal 6.12.1
#1895 Allow aliases in GHCi module imports feature request closed high 6.12.1
#2058 Ghci tab-completion cannot handle Unicode bug closed normal 6.12.1
#2270 gcd is specialised only for Int dons@… bug closed normal 6.12.1
#3026 GHCi segfault bug closed normal 6.12.1
#3045 GHCI Crashes Under Windows when loading compiled code bug closed low 6.12.1
#3051 Add product/sum/maximum/minimum specialisations for more atomic types bug closed normal 6.12.1
#3098 loadObj: failed bug closed low 6.12.1
#3247 GHCI segfaults when per-thread stack size is larger than max stack size simonmar bug closed normal 6.12.1
#3285 "PAP object entered" on executable with profiling bug closed normal 6.12.1
#3313 Uncertain bug report (panic!) bug closed normal 6.12.1
#3609 ar.exe: Bad file number bug closed normal 6.12.1
#3657 ffi-1.0 causes panic in 6.12.20091010 bug closed high 6.12.1
#714 Inconsistency between handling functional dependencies in class and signature constraints simonpj bug closed low 6.12 branch
#2809 Patching libffi fails in Solaris bug closed normal 6.12 branch
#2810 Debugger: change context to the module containing the current breakpoint feature request closed normal 6.12 branch
#2906 .hc code generated for Parser.hs is 2MB big bug closed normal 6.12 branch
#3240 Bad jump on PowerPC bug closed normal 6.12 branch
#3273 memory leak due to optimisation bug closed normal 6.12 branch
#3492 Add TyThing -> HsSyn translation code from Haddock task closed normal 7.0.1
#3496 GHC panic while building the base library with Cabal simonmar bug closed low 7.0.1
#3527 unGetChan should be able to interrupt readChan bug closed normal 7.0.1
#4181 Template Haskell + -fdicts-strict fails bug closed normal 7.0.1
#4835 Segfault when reading lots of files bug closed highest 7.0.2
#4893 panic! the 'impossible' happened: initC: srt_lbl bug closed normal 7.0.2
#4950 Typechecking regression bug closed highest 7.0.2
#1097 enumFrom on basic numeric types should be strict bug closed normal Not GHC
#1695 library submission: Data.Either.unzipEithers :: [Either a b] -> ([a],[b]) proposal closed normal Not GHC
#1731 Proposal: Rename haskell@ to haskell-announce@ task closed normal Not GHC
#3269 Stop using PackedString in template-haskell; drop packedstring as a bootlib proposal closed normal Not GHC
#3326 the recompilation checker should take CPP flags into account bug closed normal 7.2.1
#3798 Problem with wxHaskell bug closed low 7.2.1
#4247 getCPUTime on x86_64 Mac OS X 10.6 igloo bug closed high 7.2.1
#5043 Compiling bytestring-mmap with -fvia-C yields broken .s file, two .size directives bug closed normal 7.2.1
#4073 Error with '#' at beginning of line in literate Haskell bug closed normal 7.4.1
#4276 -O0 runs in constant space, -O1 and -O2 don't igloo bug closed normal 7.4.1
#4388 Unexpected failures, too much allocation bug closed high 7.4.1
#4519 Do not link in unused code feature request closed normal 7.4.1
#5368 GHCi crash: thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation simonmar bug closed high 7.4.1
#5386 GHCi crashes with SIGFPE when using double-conversion package bug closed high 7.4.1
#3871 Missing reference in manpage bug closed lowest 7.6.1
#5165 GHC doesn't optimize FP excess precision properly bug closed low 7.6.1
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