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#4514 IO manager can deadlock if a file descriptor is closed behind its back bos bug high Runtime System 7.0.1
#4209 LLVM: Vector code segfaults under OSX dterei bug normal Compiler (LLVM) 6.13
#4867 ghci displays negative floats incorrectly (was: Incorrect result from trig functions) gwright bug high GHCi 7.0.1
#1845 unconditional relative branch out of range (GHC version 6.8.1-6.10.4 for powerpc_apple_darwin) igloo bug high Compiler 7.1
#4320 GHC Build System: make clean on windows requires ./configure to be rerun igloo bug normal Build System 6.13
#4357 Parallel build broken igloo bug normal Build System 6.12.3
#4375 read :: String -> StdGen behaves oddly with respect to documentation. igloo bug normal libraries (other) 6.12.3
#4432 T3738 fails due to too little allocation igloo bug normal Test Suite 7.1
#4447 DocBook detection in autoconf is against an old version; patch enclosed igloo bug normal Build System 7.0.1 RC1
#4487 .ghci file is kept open while ghci is running igloo bug normal GHCi 7.1
#4495 GHC fails to inline methods of single-method classes igloo bug normal Compiler 7.1
#4506 program fails with "Segmentation fault/access violation in generated code" igloo bug highest Runtime System 7.0.1
#4513 haskell98- fails to build on GHC 6.12 igloo bug normal libraries/haskell98 6.12.3
#4523 unix package does not check properly for sem_close igloo bug high libraries/unix 7.0.1
#4882 /usr/bin/haddock-7.0.1 igloo bug high Build System 7.0.1
#4890 Add DTrace support to i386-solaris2 platform igloo feature request normal Runtime System 7.0.1
#4949 TH typechecking regression igloo bug highest Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.1
#4953 panic: urk! lookup local fingerprint main:B.throwErr{v rR3} igloo bug highest Compiler 7.0.1
#2879 ghci : set - unset simonmar feature request low GHCi 6.10.1
#3837 hsc2hs and utf-8 simonmar bug normal hsc2hs 6.12.2
#3910 +RTS options introduce a security problem for, e.g., setuid binaries simonmar bug normal Runtime System 7.1
#4351 internal error: awaitEvent: descriptor out of range simonmar bug normal Runtime System 7.1
#4380 Use throwIO instead of throw in an IO context simonmar bug normal libraries/base 6.12.3
#4460 Input is not echoed when GHCi is suspended and subsequently brought to foreground. simonmar bug normal GHCi 6.12.1
#4476 Event log header: Startup event length wrong simonmar bug normal Runtime System 7.1
#4493 Child from forkProcess calls select/read on parent's Handle, stealing data from parent simonmar bug high Runtime System 6.12.1
#4512 EventLog does not play well with forkProcess simonmar bug high Runtime System 7.0.1
#4531 GHCi reacting strangely and then crashing after pressing CTRL-C simonmar bug high GHCi 7.0.1
#4808 File descriptor reuse causes Handle to point to a different stream simonmar bug high libraries/base 7.0.1
#4813 Program hangs without -threaded option simonmar bug high Compiler 7.1
#4826 RTS flag documentation simonmar bug high Documentation 7.0.1
#4876 isEmptySampleVar returns False when threads are waiting on an empty SampleVar simonmar bug high libraries/base 7.0.1
#4895 hGetBufSome returns 0 when it should not simonmar bug high libraries/base 7.0.1
#2442 Heuristics to improve error messages for badly referenced things simonpj feature request high Compiler 6.9
#2599 Improve error message for type rigidity simonpj feature request low Compiler 6.8.3
#4534 Core lint error when using TransformListComp simonpj bug high Compiler 7.0.1
#4801 Typechecker performance regression 6.12 -> 7.0.1 simonpj bug high Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.1
#4951 Performance regression 7.0.1 -> simonpj bug highest Compiler 7.0.1
#4952 Typechecking regression simonpj bug highest Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.1
#4966 Type checking regression simonpj bug highest Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.1
#1333 core lint failures from arrow notation + HPC bug high Compiler 6.7
#2544 Improve "Can't unify" error messages from type functions bug low Compiler (Type checker) 6.8.3
#3169 Bad occurs-check error message bug low Compiler (Type checker) 6.10.2
#3681 hsc2hs wrapper script throws away $HSC2HS_EXTRA's value when specified C compiler to use bug normal hsc2hs 6.12.1 RC1
#3717 Superfluous seq no eliminated bug normal Compiler 6.13
#4058 improve error message: Module `System.IO' does not export `LineBuffering' feature request normal Compiler 6.12.2
#4190 Poor error message for unrecognised flag in GHCi's :set bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4214 OSX 64bit: ghci: loadObj internal error bug high Compiler 6.12.3
#4362 error in multithreaded program "epollControl: does not exist (No such file or directory)" bug normal libraries/base 7.1
#4383 Uncanonical display of Double bug high libraries/base 6.12.3
#4410 Unable to install GHC on Mac bug high None 6.12.3
#4446 linker symbol name clashes between rts and system libs bug normal Runtime System 6.12.1
#4448 Another case of SpecConstr not specialising bug normal Compiler 7.1
#4449 GHC 7 can't do IO when demonized bug normal Compiler 7.1
#4468 Linking libstdc++ is broken on Windows bug high Compiler 7.1
#4469 recompilation or build system bug bug normal Build System 6.12.3
#4472 Funny memory leak error with ghc-6.12.3 -debug in Agda-2.2.8 bug normal Runtime System 6.12.3
#4490 failure during install_doc bug normal Build System 7.1
#4504 "awaitSignal Nothing" does not block thread with -threaded bug normal Runtime System 7.0.1
#4811 Internal error: throwTo: unrecognised why_blocked value bug high Runtime System 7.1
#4820 "Invalid object in isRetainer" when doing retainer profiling in GHC 7 branch bug high Profiling 7.0.1
#4835 Segfault when reading lots of files bug highest Runtime System 7.0.1
#4843 "include" directory missing in the ghc 7.0.1 windows installer bug highest Package system 7.0.1
#4850 Segfault when lots of blocked MVar messages bug high Runtime System 7.0.1
#4852 cabal doesn't tell ./configure which gcc to use bug highest libraries (other) 7.1
#4860 Text.Regex crasher bug high libraries/base 7.0.1
#4893 panic! the 'impossible' happened: initC: srt_lbl bug normal Compiler 7.0.1
#4945 Another SpecConstr infelicity bug normal Compiler 7.0.1
#4950 Typechecking regression bug highest Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.1
#4969 regression: core-lint failure in agda bug high Compiler 7.0.1
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