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#2275 Poor indication of type error location bug low Compiler (Type checker) 6.8.2
#1726 Give warnings for deprecated flags bug normal Driver 6.6.1
#1736 GHC doesn't spot OPTIONS_GHC pragmas after 1k of comments bug normal Driver 6.8
#1467 GHC API: expose separate compilation stages nominolo task normal GHC API 6.9
#1205 ghci reports functions not in scope after loading a .hs, if there is a .o present feature request high GHCi 6.6
#1360 ghci :load and :add clear module context task normal GHCi 6.6
#1770 GHCi should know about itself, so that .ghci can be portable feature request normal GHCi 6.6.1
#1779 unknown symbol `hs_hpc_module' igloo merge low GHCi 6.10.1
#1813 Strange type representation bug with phantom type synonyms in interactive mode igloo merge normal GHCi 6.9
#1834 No instance for <type family result type> in ghci command line chak bug normal GHCi 6.9
#1987 GHCi's config file in <AppData>\ghc folder on Windows feature request low GHCi 6.9
#1995 Unsoundness in the RTTI scheme when newtypes are involved mnislaih bug normal GHCi 6.8.2
#2007 :main deals poorly with \escape characters bug normal GHCi 6.9
#2008 GHCi takes increasingly more memory bug normal GHCi 6.9
#2050 GHCi should keep a persistent history file feature request normal GHCi 6.8.2
#2174 :p in GHCi debugger is broken for Integer bug normal GHCi 6.9
#2218 ghci leaks memory on :reload etc bug normal GHCi 6.8.2
#2371 `ghci` prints confusing error message if using ":m +" instead of ":load" bug normal GHCi 6.8.2
#2381 :reload with non-existent module zeroes out prompt simonmar bug normal GHCi 6.8.2
#2652 fancier prompts for ghci igloo feature request normal GHCi 6.8.3
#1603 a miscompilation of (`rem` 0x40000000)::Int with -O -fvia-C bug normal None 6.8.1
#2502 segfault with GHC.Handle.fdToHandle' bug normal None 6.8.3
#1589 Process creation and communication doesn't scale linearly simonmar bug normal Runtime System 6.7
#1619 The RTS chokes on SIGPIPE (happens with runInteractiveCommand) bug normal Runtime System 6.7
#1887 internal error while running parallel program simonmar bug normal Runtime System 6.9
#1891 New RTS "--info" option not in help message igloo bug normal Runtime System 6.8.1
#2131 concprog001(threaded2) occasional failures. simonmar bug normal Runtime System 6.8.2
#2272 internal error: getMBlock: mmap: Bad file number benl bug normal Runtime System 6.8.2
#2651 BlockedIndefinitely not thrown when it should be bug normal Runtime System 6.8.3
#3171 threadDelay causes Ctrl-C to be ignored when running interpreted code igloo merge normal Runtime System 6.10.2
#1814 Lightweight quoting Stage error in interactive mode igloo merge normal Template Haskell 6.9
#2188 TH scoping problem igloo merge normal Template Haskell 6.9
#1558 make the testsuite work with THREADS=2 igloo bug high Test Suite 6.6.1
#3157 ghci segmentation fault when computation is interrupted bug normal libraries (other) 6.10.2
#474 Debug.Trace.trace should work on Show igloo feature request normal libraries/base None
#913 instance Ord (StableName a) feature request normal libraries/base 6.4.2
#1048 Add forkIO that starts in 'block' mode simonmar feature request normal libraries/base 6.6
#1990 Add 'subsequences' and 'permutations' to Data.List igloo proposal high libraries/base 6.8.1
#2177 Can Data.Unique safely derive Typeable? feature request normal libraries/base 6.8.2
#2363 getChar cannot be interrupted with -threaded bug high libraries/base 6.8.2
#669 negative indentation in Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ thorkilnaur bug normal libraries/pretty 6.4.1
#1315 System.Process.runInteractiveProcess needs a way to pipe just some handles task normal libraries/process 6.6.1
#1415 Provide a way to runInteractiveCommand without passing all your filedescriptors simonmar feature request normal libraries/process 6.6.1
#1842 runInteractiveCommand should install SIGCHLD handler bug normal libraries/process 6.8.1
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