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#2246 Numeric literal very badly optimized igloo merge normal Compiler 6.9
#2248 .exe extension missing when compiling a file ending in dot + digits + dot hs simonmar bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2266 validate requires haddock to be installed bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2272 internal error: getMBlock: mmap: Bad file number benl bug normal Runtime System 6.8.2
#2278 Inconsistent behaviour between -odir and -hidir options simonmar bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2302 error messages mangle unicode characters bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2303 unicode: nko characters can't be used in string literals bug normal Compiler (Parser) 6.8.2
#2320 Rename RecordPuns extension to NamedFieldPuns bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2322 cmath library broken with -fvia-C simonmar bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2330 ghc-pkg should not report duplicate depends simonmar bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2334 panic using type families and type classes simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.9
#2371 `ghci` prints confusing error message if using ":m +" instead of ":load" bug normal GHCi 6.8.2
#2381 :reload with non-existent module zeroes out prompt simonmar bug normal GHCi 6.8.2
#2420 Multi-method classes are inlined/specialized better than single-method classes for strict types bug normal Compiler 6.8.3
#2471 generate C wrappers for FFI functions task normal Compiler (FFI) 6.8.3
#2502 segfault with GHC.Handle.fdToHandle' bug normal None 6.8.3
#2568 hSetBuffering NoBuffering and getChar don't work properly on Windows bug normal Compiler 6.9
#2635 ghc panic bug normal Compiler 6.8.3
#2651 BlockedIndefinitely not thrown when it should be bug normal Runtime System 6.8.3
#2652 fancier prompts for ghci igloo feature request normal GHCi 6.8.3
#2720 eyeball/inline1 still isn't optimised with -fno-method-sharing bug normal Compiler 6.10.1
#2723 Unnecessary warning for record wildcards igloo merge normal Compiler 6.8.3
#2763 while installing cabal from darcs, and bug normal Compiler 6.8.2
#2822 Arity expansion not working right igloo bug normal Compiler 6.10.1
#2921 __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ undefined bug normal Compiler 6.10.1
#3097 Parser doesn't support doc comments on type aliases merge normal Compiler 6.11
#3126 GHC needs to be more careful about pattern match order merge normal Compiler 6.11
#3144 ghc panic bug normal Compiler 6.10.2
#3151 Hello World does not compile (missing Prelude?) bug normal Build System 6.10.2
#3153 Panic on syntactically wrong LANGUAGE pragma igloo merge normal Compiler 6.10.2
#3157 ghci segmentation fault when computation is interrupted bug normal libraries (other) 6.10.2
#3171 threadDelay causes Ctrl-C to be ignored when running interpreted code igloo merge normal Runtime System 6.10.2
#3207 readMutVar# is inlined/duplicated igloo merge normal Compiler 6.10.2
#1205 ghci reports functions not in scope after loading a .hs, if there is a .o present feature request high GHCi 6.6
#1558 make the testsuite work with THREADS=2 igloo bug high Test Suite 6.6.1
#1959 Recompilation bug bug high Compiler 6.8.1
#1990 Add 'subsequences' and 'permutations' to Data.List igloo proposal high libraries/base 6.8.1
#2066 Building 6.9 with 6.4.1 fails bug high Compiler 6.9
#2241 unknown epilogue mangling, WARNING: Epilogue junk bug high Compiler 6.9
#2264 Validate using ghc-6.4.1: 3 failures, 1 workaround, 1 fix bug high Compiler 6.9
#2318 building GHC 6.8.3 Release Candidate under PC solaris fails bug high Build System 6.8.2
#2321 Static argument transformation is causing a core-lint failure on GHC.PrimopWrappers bug high Compiler 6.8.2
#2363 getChar cannot be interrupted with -threaded bug high libraries/base 6.8.2
#2098 validate fails for PPC Mac OS X 10.4 simonmar bug highest Compiler 6.9
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