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#666 Collection hierarchy proposal jpbernardy normal libraries/base 6.4.1 invalid
#667 Efficient Map <-> Set conversions jpbernardy normal libraries/base 6.4.1 wontfix
#720 Map/Set range function normal libraries/base 6.4.1 wontfix
#988 X11: refine types for improved type safety normal libraries (other) 6.6 invalid
#1058 Highlight matching parantheses in Visual Studio normal Visual Haskell 6.6 wontfix
#1071 The Graphics.X11 library for windows using Cygwin/X normal libraries (other) 6.6 invalid
#1506 Case-insensitive char/string comparison normal libraries/base 6.6.1 wontfix
#1557 Enum/Ord derivations for System.Posix.Resource.Resource normal libraries/unix 6.6.1 wontfix
#1594 Better QuickCheck/HUnit integration normal libraries (other) 6.6.1 invalid
#1598 Could instances of Typeable, Data be added? ashley@… normal libraries (other) 6.6.1 fixed
#1941 Add htmlAttr to Text.XHtml bjorn@… normal libraries (other) 6.6.1
#2003 The Data.Time.Format parser should be more liberal normal libraries (other) wontfix
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