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#4496 add a configure build option to use system libffi for Linux normal Build System 7.1 duplicate
#5391 Better deriving for Typeable normal Compiler 7.0.4 wontfix
#5687 Friendly Interface for auto-completion of GHCi normal GHCi 7.2.1 fixed
#5743 Configurably use system-provided libffi trommler normal Build System 7.7 fixed
#5787 Add instances to ZipList normal libraries/base 7.2.2 fixed
#5925 Add inline version of newArray# simonmar normal Compiler 7.4.1 fixed
#5931 Allow 'Any' to be passed to a foreign prim function. simonmar normal Compiler (FFI) 7.4.1 fixed
#5998 GHCi's :info to return all the visible instances, not just the ones imported from currently loaded files normal GHCi 7.4.1 fixed
#1896 Keep old bindings until :load succeeds low GHCi 6.8.1 wontfix
#3072 considerations for management of shared libs igloo low Package system 6.10.1 fixed
#4128 Can't capture classes inside a template haskell type quotation low Template Haskell 6.12.1 fixed
#4177 GHCi should allow custom definition of print for implicit output low GHCi 6.10.4 duplicate
#4210 LLVM: Dynamic Library Support dterei low Compiler (LLVM) 6.13 fixed
#4230 Template Haskell: less type checking in quotations? low Compiler 7.6.3 fixed
#5308 Generalize -msse2 command line flag to -msse<version number> low Compiler 7.0.4 fixed
#1522 Make [n..] etc syntax rebindable simonpj lowest Compiler 6.6.1 fixed
#1721 Make GHCi print the entire result of an interactive 'bind' statement lowest Compiler 6.6.1 fixed
#2548 validate should continue if it sees warnings or haddock failures lowest Build System 6.8.3 wontfix
#3005 Normalize fully-applied type functions prior to display chak lowest GHCi 6.10.1 fixed
#3032 would be nice if -fno-code and --make worked together lowest Compiler 6.8.2 fixed
#3080 Show more instances with :info lowest GHCi 6.10.1 duplicate
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