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#5683 bug in signum function bug normal Prelude 7.0.3
#5685 Proposal: Move the instances from Control.Monad.Instances into GHC.Base feature request normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5699 Use sharing in the Alternative instance of Maybe feature request normal libraries/base 7.2.1
#5714 Add 'state' to the MonadState class pcapriotti task normal libraries (other) 7.2.1
#5717 ScopedTypeVariables and PolyKinds bug normal Compiler 7.3
#5725 Mark all modules from the stm packages as Trustworthy simonmar feature request normal libraries (other) 7.2.1
#5730 unicode characters in cabal path leads to package installation failure bug normal Build System 7.0.4
#5737 Template Haskell can't derive Read, Show, Eq instances bug normal Template Haskell 7.0.4
#5740 Remove tabs from parser/LexCore.hs nsch bug normal Compiler (Parser) 7.2.1
#5752 <<loop>> when using variables in TH splice bug normal Template Haskell 7.0.3
#5766 Asynchronous exception bugs in readProcess and readProcessWithExitCode bug normal libraries/process 7.2.2
#5771 Confusing printout with PolyKinds bug normal Compiler 7.4.1-rc1
#5805 Test 5558 fails with new code generator bug normal Compiler 7.5
#5816 static linking silently fails in ghc igloo bug normal Compiler 7.2.2
#5818 gcd and fizzled reversed in event SparkCounters duncan bug normal Runtime System 7.4.1-rc1
#5829 break003, break006, print019 fail with a DEBUG compiler bug normal Compiler 7.4.1-rc2
#5832 PolyKinds03 and PolyKinds13 fail an ASSERT simonpj bug normal Compiler 7.4.1-rc2
#5833 PolyKinds10 fails an assert bug normal Compiler 7.4.1-rc2
#5837 Context reduction stack overflow can take very long simonpj bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.4.1-rc2
#5842 pretty tests from GHC's testsuite dterei task normal libraries/pretty 7.4.1
#5846 Add GHC.Stats.gcStatsEnabled feature request normal libraries (other) 7.4.1
#5856 numrun012 test fails on i686 works on x86_64 pcapriotti bug normal Test Suite 7.4.1
#5873 runghc does not exist in versioned form feature request normal None 7.4.1
#5877 Make StringPrimL take [Word8] igloo feature request normal Template Haskell 7.4.1
#5880 Add sync-all new-workdir simonmar feature request normal Build System 7.4.1
#5882 Template Haskell declaration quote reports error with GADT syntax bug normal Template Haskell 7.4.1
#5890 Illegal instance declaration for `Show Doc' bug normal Template Haskell 7.4.1
#5908 Issues with RebindableSyntax bug normal Compiler 7.0.3
#5911 Add write-only variant of newTChan simonmar feature request normal libraries (other) 7.4.1
#5926 Add strict versions of modifyIORef and atomicModifyIORef simonmar feature request normal libraries/base 7.4.1
#5930 add System.Environment.lookupEnv which returns Maybe instead of an exception pcapriotti feature request normal libraries/base 7.4.1
#5933 Expose GHCI_TABLES_NEXT_TO_CODE in some header file simonmar feature request normal Build System 7.4.1
#5934 ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5936 Support for data families in generics dreixel feature request normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5948 Parentheses needed when declaring a type synonym with ': pcapriotti bug normal Compiler (Parser) 7.5
#5951 Panic on Malformed instance A => B => C bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#5961 GHC panic (nameModule) on malformed deriving clause bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5963 Fixed format floating point conversion does not round to even bug normal libraries/base 7.4.1
#5975 ghci can't load file whose name contains non-ASCII chars? bug normal GHCi 7.4.1
#5981 quadratic slowdown with very long module names simonmar bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5992 Silence gen_contents_index for the common case. td123 feature request normal Documentation 7.4.1
#6001 Wrong diagnostics for instance signature mismatch pcapriotti bug normal Compiler 7.5
#6011 Panic when using a type synonym pcapriotti bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6013 the 'impossible' happened bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.4.1
#6027 Allow changing fixity of new type operators pcapriotti feature request normal Compiler 7.5
#6038 Allow view patterns inside record patterns feature request normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6059 FFI: segfault when jumping to code buffer (under certain conditions) bug normal Compiler (FFI) 7.4.1
#6060 the 'impossible' happened bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6073 Lower case character in deriving statement crashes GHC 7.4.1 bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6080 dph-classes-vseg-fast fails: Vectorisation error chak bug normal Data Parallel Haskell 7.5
#6090 hsc2hs doesn't consider values not fitting in an unsigned long integral when cross compiling pcapriotti bug normal hsc2hs 7.5
#6091 Fixity in :info for backticks operators pcapriotti bug normal GHCi 7.4.1
#6094 runInteractiveProcess not using new PATH GregWeber task normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6127 Build for MIPS N32 host fails due to references to 64-bit support code pcapriotti bug normal Runtime System 7.5
#6130 Weak pointer to MVar is finalized, even though MVar is still accessible bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6136 gettimeofday should not be used to schedule timeouts bug normal libraries/base 7.4.1
#6142 Outdated comment in Directory.hs simonmar bug normal libraries/directory
#6160 support sub-second resolutions for file timestamps feature request normal libraries/unix 7.4.2
#6167 Compile stalls with pause returning ERESTARTNOHAND bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#7008 ghc-pkg's documentation suggests argument to -f is a file simonmar bug normal ghc-pkg 7.4.2
#7009 Add function forallC pcapriotti bug normal Template Haskell 7.4.2
#7012 ForeignPtrContents isn't exported bug normal libraries/base 7.4.2
#7014 RULES for bitwise logic and shift primops simonpj feature request normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7022 Kind variable scoping problem in Iface file when using Template Haskell bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7029 Add System.Environment.getExecutablePath feature request normal libraries/base 7.4.2
#7031 Incorrect documentation for Windows dlls pcapriotti bug normal Documentation 7.4.2
#7032 sleep fails for compiled program bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7034 reading a large double results in zero with ghc-7.4.2 pcapriotti bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7042 large exponents cannot be compiled pcapriotti bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7047 Add a Functor instance for Control.Exception.Handler feature request normal libraries/base 7.4.2
#7052 Numeric types’ Read instances use exponential CPU/memory bug normal libraries/base 7.4.2
#7059 Error: junk `naughty I386 byte register' after expression bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7064 TH: Pragmas refactoring (also adds RULES and 'SPECIALIZE instance' support) [patch] bug normal Template Haskell 7.5
#7065 x86 : Pattern match fail in an equation for `freeReg': freeReg 5 = ... bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7067 Add alignment-restricted ForeignPtr allocation actions simonmar feature request normal libraries/base
#7069 precision/rounding bug with floating point numbers on 32-bit-platforms simonmar bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7077 Add an order-reversing newtype to Data.Ord pcapriotti feature request normal libraries/base
#7084 powerpc64 : cast from pointer to integer of different size simonmar bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7087 'select' fails for very large arguments to 'threadDelay' bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#7090 Panic "mkCoVarLCo" with ConstraintKinds and type-level equality dimitris bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7094 Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just bug normal Compiler (Parser) 7.4.1
#7101 Specialise broken for implicit parameters bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7115 docs mention "the darcs repositories" bug normal Documentation 7.4.2
#7126 Unexpected loop bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#7128 Panic "lookupVarEnv_NF" when using a functional dependency with a kind variable bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7131 FlexibleInstances / UndecidableInstances confusion bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7135 Data.Bits can still have default implementations for testBit, bit, and popCount by using -XDefaultSignatures feature request normal libraries/base 7.7
#7136 fix for os x package builder script bug normal Build System 7.6.1
#7144 directory- violates the PVP pcapriotti bug normal libraries/directory 7.6.1-rc1
#7145 Incorrect redundant import warning bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7147 programatica fails to compile bug normal Compiler 7.6.1-rc1
#7149 Heap profiling restricted with retainers (+RTS -hrfoo -hc) segfaults pcapriotti bug normal Profiling 7.5
#7151 GHC accepts invalid type declaration bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7165 "match_co bailing out" messages and compiler crash bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7173 Unnecessary constraints in inferred type bug normal Compiler 7.6.1-rc1
#7175 Panic when wrongly using a type family as return types for GADTs bug normal Compiler 7.6.1-rc1
#7177 Flag -rtsopts not obeyed in hs_init() bug normal Runtime System 7.4.2
#7196 Desugarer needs an extra case for casts in coercions bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#8936 Irrefutable pattern failed in ghc 7.4.1 bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#3940 Propagate bug fix into new code generator bug low Compiler
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