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#2507 quotation characters in error messages lowest Compiler 6.8.3 fixed
#8646 Distinguish between update frames in rts/Printer.c lowest Runtime System 7.6.3 fixed
#8878 Export runTcInteractive from TcRnDriver holzensp lowest Compiler 7.8.1-rc2 fixed
#1381 Add terminateStmt to "GHC as a library" normal GHC API 6.6.1 fixed
#3647 unify handling and error messages for -X vs. {-#LANGUAGE ...#-} pragmas/extensions normal Compiler (Parser) 6.10.4 fixed
#5144 Pattern synonyms cactus normal Compiler fixed
#5233 Support specifying the assembly that should be generated simonmar normal Test Suite 7.0.3 fixed
#6074 Instance inference failure with GADTs normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.5 wontfix
#6135 Unboxed Booleans normal Compiler 7.4.1 fixed
#6157 Support duplicating a TChan with the current content available. simonmar normal libraries (other) 7.4.2 fixed
#7021 Tuple (and other exotic predicates) not yet handled in Template Haskell normal Template Haskell 7.5 fixed
#7130 Give suggestions for unknown command line flags pcapriotti normal Compiler 7.5 fixed
#7162 RULES that never fire (automatically) normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7182 Control.Monad.ST module description should reference Data.STRef normal Compiler 7.4.2 fixed
#7216 Compositional blocking on file descriptors igloo normal libraries/base 7.4.2 fixed
#7247 Testsuite: Print stdout diff even if stderr diff already fails normal Test Suite 7.6.1 fixed
#7263 Add derived Show instances to GHC.Generics dreixel normal GHC API 7.7 fixed
#7346 Allow the use of `deriving` for GHC generics dreixel normal Compiler 7.7 duplicate
#7424 Add Data.Bits instance for Bool normal libraries/base 7.6.1 fixed
#7425 Add method to Data.Bits for creating zeroed values. normal libraries/base 7.6.1 fixed
#7427 Proposal: Add setEnv/unsetEnv to System.Environment normal libraries/base 7.6.1 fixed
#7509 Changing the second prompt. :{ modules| No setting available to change. igloo normal Compiler 7.6.1 fixed
#7530 Proposal: Add isLeft/isRight to Data.Either normal libraries/base 7.6.1 fixed
#7573 Testsuite should easily be able to compile .cmm files. normal Test Suite 7.7 fixed
#7619 Make worker-wrapper unbox data families nomeata normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7626 Add common utility variants of trace to Debug.Trace normal libraries/base 7.6.1 fixed
#7633 Checkable "minimal complete definitions" twanvl normal Compiler 7.6.1 fixed
#7638 bindist refers to which is missing on Fedora 17 igloo normal Compiler 7.6.1 fixed
#7676 Unify patterns and function bindings normal Compiler 7.7 wontfix
#7689 Primitive bitwise operations on Int# normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7700 iOS patch no 3: enable/disable terminfo more precisely by os igloo normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7709 ios patch no 7: Omit ghc-pwd from final stage when cross compiling igloo normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7718 ios patch no 8: adjustor pools normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7720 iOS patch no 9: Linking normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7724 cross-compile to iOS normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7751 Incremental heap census ezyang normal Profiling 7.7 wontfix
#7761 iOS patch no 16: pass the correct -Dxxx_HOST_ARCH and -Dxxx_HOST_OS to hsc2hs by stage normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#7817 Moving basic functions normal libraries/base 7.6.2 fixed
#7867 Allow template-haskell to communicate with itself between compilation units through the interface file normal Template Haskell 7.6.3 duplicate
#7881 Warning for pointless ranges like [5..2] normal Compiler 7.6.3 fixed
#7895 Warning for literal overflow normal Compiler 7.6.3 fixed
#8047 Implement line-number %-substitution for prompt-string normal GHCi 7.6.3 fixed
#8172 Expose CWD and import search paths in GHCi via new `:show paths` command hvr normal GHCi 7.7 fixed
#8185 Change role annotation syntax goldfire normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#8302 Add 'bool' to Data.Bool normal libraries/base 7.6.3 fixed
#8340 support for generating annotations from TH normal Compiler 7.7 fixed
#8409 nofib-analyse: compile allocations leroux normal NoFib benchmark suite 7.6.3 fixed
#8638 Optimize by demoting "denormalized" Integers (i.e. J# -> S#) hvr normal libraries (other) 7.7 fixed
#8791 Use new primitive bitwise operations for Int# in Data.Bits cdk normal libraries/base 7.6.3 fixed
#8797 Generics instances for monoid and applicative newtypes normal libraries/base 7.8.1-rc1 fixed
#8818 Add withMVarMasked hvr normal libraries/base fixed
#8826 Allow more coercions in Safe Haskell normal Compiler 7.8.1-rc2 fixed
#8958 Allow role inference on datatype contexts goldfire normal Compiler 7.8.1-rc2 fixed
#6084 Add stg_ap_pnnv and related call patterns simonmar high Runtime System 7.7 fixed
#7266 Allow fractional-looking integer literals high Compiler 7.6.1 fixed
#8004 Applicative/Monad proposal related warnings (AMP phase 1) quchen high Compiler 7.6.3 fixed
#8158 Replace IO manager's IntMap with a mutable hash table AndreasVoellmy high libraries/base 7.7 fixed
#1480 Template Haskell should allow reification of modules highest Template Haskell 7.7 fixed
#4244 Use system linker in GHCi to support alpha, ia64, ppc64 highest GHCi 6.13 fixed
#7419 "hpc markup" should accept multiple .mix file search paths igloo highest Code Coverage 7.6.1 fixed
#7991 stm: add mkWeakTVar simonmar highest libraries (other) 7.6.3 fixed
#8190 mention --show-options in --help thoughtpolice highest Compiler 7.7 fixed
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