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#1246 <= operators get compiled worse than == bug low Compiler 6.6
#1381 Add terminateStmt to "GHC as a library" feature request normal GHC API 6.6.1
#1480 Template Haskell should allow reification of modules feature request highest Template Haskell 7.7
#2283 WIndows: loading objects that refer to DLL symbols bug highest GHCi 7.8.1-rc2
#2301 Proper handling of SIGINT/SIGQUIT bug high libraries/process 6.12.3
#2507 quotation characters in error messages feature request lowest Compiler 6.8.3
#3103 Compiling base with cabal fails. bug high Compiler 6.10.1
#3333 GHCi doesn't load weak symbols bug high GHCi 6.10.4
#3647 unify handling and error messages for -X vs. {-#LANGUAGE ...#-} pragmas/extensions feature request normal Compiler (Parser) 6.10.4
#3725 Annotations not written to interface files bug normal Compiler 7.7
#4163 Make cross-compilation work task high Build System 6.12.3
#4244 Use system linker in GHCi to support alpha, ia64, ppc64 feature request highest GHCi 6.13
#4268 Warning for ANN pragmas when GHCi is not supported bug high Compiler 7.0.4
#5013 sporadic failures during compilation under solaris bug normal libraries/unix 7.8.1-rc1
#5361 regSpill: out of spill slots! bug high Compiler 7.1
#5435 GHCi linker should run constructors for linked libraries bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5682 Properly parse promoted data constructor operators bug normal Compiler (Parser) 7.8.1-rc1
#6050 Documentation for option -Wall and warning -fwarn-unrecognised-pragmas bug normal Documentation 7.6.3
#6074 Instance inference failure with GADTs feature request normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.5
#6135 Unboxed Booleans feature request normal Compiler 7.4.1
#7017 Rethink need for tarballs under "friendly" environment task high Build System 7.4.2
#7021 Tuple (and other exotic predicates) not yet handled in Template Haskell feature request normal Template Haskell 7.5
#7043 32-bit GHC ceiling of negative float SEGFAULT: 11 bug high Compiler 7.4.1
#7072 GHC interpreter does not find stat64 symbol on Linux bug normal GHCi 7.4.2
#7129 LINE pragma disables automatic tickish annotations bug normal Compiler 7.5
#7162 RULES that never fire (automatically) feature request normal Compiler 7.7
#7182 Control.Monad.ST module description should reference Data.STRef feature request normal Compiler 7.4.2
#7186 problems with typelits and typenats bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.6.1-rc1
#7207 linker fails to load package with binding to foreign library (win64) bug normal GHCi 7.6.1-rc1
#7219 Reinstate constant propagation in some form bug highest Compiler 7.7
#7228 ghc-pkg prints an awful lot of usage information bug normal ghc-pkg 7.7
#7229 Detecting if a process was killed by a signal is impossible bug highest libraries/process
#7247 Testsuite: Print stdout diff even if stderr diff already fails feature request normal Test Suite 7.6.1
#7256 Missing dataCast1 and dataCast2 methods in Data.Data instances bug normal Compiler 7.6.1
#7266 Allow fractional-looking integer literals feature request high Compiler 7.6.1
#7267 linux-ppc64: Segfault during stage2 build bug high Compiler 7.7
#7268 Explicit type signatures for top level record pattern matches polymorphism fail bug normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.4.1
#7313 Impossible happened : CLabel.toInfoLbl stg_newMVarzh bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7317 Segmentation fault in RTS' STM code on git master bug normal Runtime System 7.7
#7323 decoding GADTs gives internal error: stg_ap_v_ret bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7327 Inconsistent behavior for relative paths in runProcess bug normal libraries/process 7.6.1
#7332 Kind-defaulting omitted leads to deeply obscure type error bug high Compiler 7.6.1
#7357 GHC.exe gives an internal error while linking vector's Monadic.hs bug normal GHCi 7.6.1
#7362 GHC generated DLL does not work on Windows XP/Server 2003 bug normal Build System 7.4.1
#7366 Strange data corruption with HEAD bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7372 Lint failure in GHC 7.6.1 bug normal Compiler 7.6.1
#7394 SafeHaskell permits OPTIONS_GHC pragmas bug normal Documentation 7.4.1
#7405 use of -no-hs-main causes TH compiles to fail bug normal Template Haskell 7.4.2
#7417 replace Control.Concurrent.QSem bug normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7424 Add Data.Bits instance for Bool feature request normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7425 Add method to Data.Bits for creating zeroed values. feature request normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7427 Proposal: Add setEnv/unsetEnv to System.Environment feature request normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7429 Unexplained performance boost with +RTS -h bug normal Compiler 7.6.1
#7440 haddock : Declaration for $fEqInteger attempting to use module `ghc-prim:GHC.Classes' which is not loaded bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7457 printf's * doesn't like negative numbers bug normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7464 git tag for base- missing bug normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7470 Patch to enable GHC runtime system with thr_debug_p options... bug normal Build System 7.4.2
#7477 reifyInstances can't deal with polykinded type families bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7481 Partially promoted data types bug high Compiler 7.6.1
#7491 getNumCapabilities uses n_capabilities instead of enabled_capabilities bug normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7498 panic : Register allocator: out of stack slots (need 147) bug high Compiler 7.7
#7500 GHC: internal error: getMBlock: mmap: Operation not permitted bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#7518 Instruction list length in bco->instrs redundant task normal Runtime System 7.6.1
#7519 CLK_TCK is not always a constant bug normal libraries/base 7.7
#7520 Implement cardinality analysis bug normal Compiler 7.6.1
#7530 Proposal: Add isLeft/isRight to Data.Either feature request normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7534 allocateRegsAndSpill: Cannot read from uninitialized register bug high Compiler 7.7
#7548 GHC API dependency analysis is broken bug highest GHC API 7.4.2
#7561 Unnecessary Heap Allocations - Slow Performance bug normal Compiler 7.6.1
#7565 GHC fails without an error when building text- bug normal Compiler 7.6.1
#7573 Testsuite should easily be able to compile .cmm files. feature request normal Test Suite 7.7
#7620 Via-C unregisterised build fails for integer-simple bug high Compiler 7.7
#7626 Add common utility variants of trace to Debug.Trace feature request normal libraries/base 7.6.1
#7639 Fix installation issues with cross compiling + honour Stage1Only properly bug normal Build System 7.7
#7667 Template Haskell fails to recognize type operator/function + bug normal Template Haskell 7.6.2
#7671 No break spaces bug normal Compiler (Parser) 7.6.2
#7674 Separate StablePtr table from StableName table. task normal Runtime System 7.6.2
#7676 Unify patterns and function bindings feature request normal Compiler 7.7
#7684 cgrun071 segfaults bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7685 :script command does not resolve ~ bug normal GHCi 7.6.2
#7688 :kind should do kind generalisation bug normal Compiler 7.6.2
#7689 Primitive bitwise operations on Int# feature request normal Compiler 7.7
#7698 thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation bug normal GHCi 7.0.4
#7702 Memory Leak in CoreM (CoreWriter) bug normal Compiler 7.6.2
#7713 Panic! make_exp (App _ (Coercion _)) when compiled with -fext-core bug normal External Core 7.6.2
#7715 threadDelay causes segfault on Mac if compiled by 32bit GHC bug high Compiler 7.7
#7718 ios patch no 8: adjustor pools feature request normal Compiler 7.7
#7719 System.Timeout.timeout may leak <<timeout>> exceptions bug normal libraries/base 7.7
#7720 iOS patch no 9: Linking feature request normal Compiler 7.7
#7724 cross-compile to iOS feature request normal Compiler 7.7
#7725 Operators without colons bug normal Compiler 7.6.2
#7734 Missing backticks in error message bug normal Compiler 7.6.2
#7739 Testsuite failures for HPC way tests on Windows bug normal Test Suite
#7740 Remove direct cabal imports in Linker and Finder modules bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7744 Can't install conduit via cabal-install bug normal Compiler 7.6.3
#7752 GHC as a library documentation out of sync bug high Documentation 7.6.2
#7753 Profiling report broken with foreign exported functions bug normal Profiling 7.6.2
#7759 iOS patch no 14: libraries/base changes bug normal libraries/base 7.6.2
#7760 iOS patch no 15: remove HSC2HS_EXTRA from hsc2hs's stage0 wrapper bug normal Build System 7.7
#7761 iOS patch no 16: pass the correct -Dxxx_HOST_ARCH and -Dxxx_HOST_OS to hsc2hs by stage feature request normal Compiler 7.7
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