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#7359 unix- fails to install on mac os x with 7.4.* (works with 7.6.1) bug highest libraries/unix 7.4.1
#7646 resource busy (file is locked) with multi-threaded file ops simonmar bug high libraries/base 7.6.2
#7436 Derived Foldable and Traversable instances become extremely inefficient due to eta-expansion bug normal Compiler 7.6.1
#7693 Flush .hp file at the end of each sample feature request normal Runtime System 7.7
#7714 The type of the second argument of poll() in GHC/Event/Poll.hsc is invalid bug normal Compiler 7.7
#7729 GHC panics. Invalid core bug normal Compiler 7.6.2
#7850 Strangely high memory usage on optimized Ackermann function bug normal Compiler 7.6.2
#8134 ghc enters a loop while building 7.6.3 for powerpc64 platform. bug normal Compiler 7.6.3
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