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#5007 "deriving" seems to ignore class context for a type family simonpj high Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.2 invalid
#5314 "internal error: heapCencus, unknown object: 0" with retainer profiling simonmar high Runtime System 7.0.4 fixed
#5045 "panic! (the 'impossible' happened)" compiling code using arrows and elimReader (test case included) simonpj high Compiler 7.0.2 fixed
#3976 '+RTS -S' reports negative allocation. low Runtime System 6.12.1 worksforme
#4802 'current directory' is not thread local simonmar normal libraries/directory 7.0.1 fixed
#5026 +RTS -G1 is broken simonmar high Runtime System 7.0.2 fixed
#4186 -dcore-lint and -fstrict-dicts break anything that uses a type class simonpj normal Compiler 6.12.3 fixed
#5114 -with-rtsopts, ghc_rts_opts not honoured normal Runtime System 7.0.3 fixed
#4522 .ghc folder not created by default igloo normal GHCi 6.12.3 fixed
#5342 2047 core lint error when profiling simonpj highest Compiler 7.0.3 fixed
#4965 60% performance regression in continuation-heavy code between 6.12 and 7 igloo high Compiler 7.0.1 fixed
#5002 7.0.2 ignores a context which 7.0.1 picks up simonpj highest Compiler 7.0.2 fixed
#3397 :step hangs when -fbreak-on-exception is set normal GHCi 6.10.3 worksforme
#2722 <<loop> when compiling with -O option with ghc- normal libraries (other) 7.0.1 invalid
#3011 ASSERT failed: file typecheck/TcMType.lhs line 526 t_a32G{tv} low Compiler (Type checker) 6.11 fixed
#1897 Ambiguous types and rejected type signatures chak low Compiler (Type checker) 6.9 fixed
#5336 Annotations aren't working igloo highest Compiler 7.1 fixed
#5611 Asynchronous exception discarded after safe FFI call simonmar normal Runtime System 7.0.3 fixed
#4062 Bad choice of loop breaker? rl normal Compiler 6.13 invalid
#5281 Bad compiler warning simonpj high Compiler 7.1 fixed
#2436 Bad warning when exporting data families chak low Compiler 6.9 fixed
#5109 Build system is not generating dependencies for the RTS igloo high Build System 7.0.3 fixed
#1414 CString marshalling functions do not perform the specified conversion low libraries/base 6.6.1 fixed
#5353 Cabal bug building haddock, alex, happy, etc duncan highest libraries (other) 7.1 fixed
#5257 Calling fail on a UTF-8 encoded string (in file) causes garbage to be printed normal Runtime System 7.0.2 fixed
#3629 Code compiled WITHOUT profiling many times slower than compiled WITH profiling on low Compiler 6.13 fixed
#3297 Compiler panic on incorrect code (TcTyFuns.flattenType: synonym family in a rank-n type) chak low Compiler (Type checker) 6.11 fixed
#4870 Compiler panic with SPECIALIZE pragma on function from imported module high Compiler 7.0.1 fixed
#5043 Compiling bytestring-mmap with -fvia-C yields broken .s file, two .size directives normal Compiler 7.0.2 duplicate
#4995 Compiling pandoc with llvm backend fails with panic dterei normal Compiler (LLVM) 7.0.2 fixed
#4978 Continuation passing style loop doesn't compile into a loop normal Compiler 7.0.1 fixed
#5285 Core lint error in T3001-2 [7.0 regression] simonpj highest Compiler 7.0.3 fixed
#5304 Core lint failure in stage 3 build highest Compiler 7.1 fixed
#4318 Crash while building HEAD on OS X normal Compiler 6.13 fixed
#4825 DLLs not documented consistently igloo high Documentation 7.0.1 fixed
#4827 Data.Array.IO.hPutArray/hGetArray ignore count argument batterseapower high libraries (other) 6.12.3 fixed
#2671 Data.Time.Clock parseTime's %y parses "08" as 1908 ashley@… normal libraries (other) 6.8.2 fixed
#5275 Data.Typeable not backwards compatible simonmar high libraries/base 7.1 fixed
#4962 Dead code fed to CorePrep because RULEs keep it alive spuriously normal Compiler 7.0.1 fixed
#2236 Deep stacks make execution time go through the roof low Runtime System 6.8.2 fixed
#4816 DeriveFunctor should not require a functor instance for functorial data types used invariantly normal Compiler 6.12.3 fixed
#2911 Error messages have the wrong qualified names normal Compiler 6.11 wontfix
#2902 Example where ghc 6.10.1 fails to optimize recursive instance function calls igloo low Compiler 6.10.1 fixed
#2762 Excessive heap usage igloo low Compiler 6.11 fixed
#4914 FPU initialization required again simonmar high Compiler (NCG) 7.0.1 fixed
#4473 GHC --make switch does not set file timestamp correctly normal Compiler 6.12.3 fixed
#5359 GHC 7.2.1-rc1 panics on `cgLookupPanic` simonpj highest Compiler 7.1 fixed
#3715 GHC API no longer exports location information for error/warning messages normal GHC API 6.12.1 RC1 fixed
#5049 GHC Panic on Text.Highlighting.Kate.Syntax.Ocaml high Compiler 7.0.2 invalid
#5303 GHC crash (panic) with -O2 and nonexistent .hi high Compiler 7.0.3 fixed
#4117 GHC does not accept --srcdir normal Build System 6.12.1 wontfix
#3829 GHC leaks memory when compiling many files normal Compiler 6.12.1 worksforme
#4393 GHCi says: ghc: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 63587 normal GHCi 6.12.3 worksforme
#4923 HEAD unregisterised build broken: unlit missing normal Build System 7.1 fixed
#5259 Heap used by compacting collector larger than heap used without. simonmar high Runtime System 6.12.3 worksforme
#5061 Implement FFI spec behaviour for *CString family normal Compiler 7.0.3 fixed
#3526 Inliner behaviour with instances is confusing simonpj low Compiler 6.10.4 fixed
#4903 Inliner looping when specialising across modules (with GADTs and other extensions) simonpj normal Compiler 7.1 fixed
#5270 Installing ghc ruins PATH on Windows igloo highest None 7.0.4 worksforme
#5053 Internal error with runhaskell and System.Plugins.dynload igloo normal Compiler 7.0.2 fixed
#4853 Invalid links on web page igloo normal Documentation 7.0.1 fixed
#4212 LLVM: space_leak_001 fails when GHC built with LLVM backend dterei normal Compiler (LLVM) 6.13 fixed
#5227 Large space usage when deriving Generic dreixel high Compiler 7.1 fixed
#4997 Mac installers are missing ghc & cabal guides igloo highest None 7.0.2 fixed
#3756 Missing -lz option in testsuite simonmar high Build System 6.12.1 fixed
#4456 Missing atexit symbol normal GHCi 6.13 fixed
#4441 NCG miscompiles Double -> Float -> Double simonmar normal Compiler (NCG) 7.1 fixed
#4510 No links will be generated to these packages: base- igloo high Compiler 7.0.1 worksforme
#5076 No instance Show [: Int :] in dph-diophantine-opt chak normal Data Parallel Haskell 7.1 fixed
#5311 No read permission for installed global package.cache igloo highest None 7.0.4 fixed
#2245 Numeric literal printed wrong in error message normal Compiler 6.9 fixed
#5354 OS X, XCode 4 and gcc igloo high Build System 7.1 fixed
#5066 OS X: hClose003 simonmar normal Test Suite 7.1 fixed
#4984 OS X: ld: warning: -read_only_relocs cannot be used with x86_64 high Compiler 7.0.2 fixed
#4270 Out of memory when compiling Statistics.Quantile igloo high Compiler 6.13 fixed
#5034 Performance of Data.Graph.{preorderF, postorderF} simonmar normal libraries (other) 7.0.2 fixed
#4856 Performance regression in the type checker regression for GADTs and type families normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.1 fixed
#4248 Poor error message when openFile fails to open named pipe normal libraries/base 6.12.3 fixed
#5161 Poor performance of division; unnecessary branching igloo normal libraries/base 7.0.3 fixed
#4901 Possible bug in GHCi archive loading: high Compiler 7.0.1 fixed
#3798 Problem with wxHaskell low GHCi 7.0.3 duplicate
#5307 Problems with new cyclic dependency error message simonpj highest Compiler 7.0.3 fixed
#5050 Produces invalid assembly when using `peek' and -fvia-c with new binutils on amd64 high Compiler (FFI) 7.0.2 fixed
#4839 RTS assertion failure when heap profiling threaded programs. high Runtime System 7.0.2 worksforme
#5176 RTS build failure with gcc-4.6.1 igloo highest Runtime System 7.1 fixed
#4464 RTS options broken for dynamic libraries normal Runtime System 7.1 fixed
#5178 RULES "minusFloat x x" and "timesFloat 0.0 x" break IEEE-754 compatibility simonmar high libraries/base 7.0.3 fixed
#5080 Recompilation bug: recomp008 failed igloo normal Compiler 7.0.3 fixed
#481 Recompilation check fails for TH simonmar normal Template Haskell 6.4.1 fixed
#5375 Regression in newName highest Template Haskell 7.3 wontfix
#5027 Remove ability to use ghc-binary high Compiler 7.0.2 fixed
#1799 Retain export-list order in ModIface, use it in :browse normal GHCi 6.6.1 fixed
#5250 SEGFAULT in FFI to C++ library high Compiler (FFI) 7.0.3 fixed
#5042 STM, newArray, and a stack overflow simonmar normal libraries (other) 7.0.2 fixed
#4922 Segfault / Assertion failed in RTS (Compact.c) simonmar high Runtime System 7.0.1 worksforme
#4303 Segfault in RTS (apparently only MacOS) FFI related? igloo highest Runtime System 6.12.3 wontfix
#5177 Segfault in reportCCSProfiling simonmar high Profiling 7.1 fixed
#5030 Slow type checking of type-level computation heavy code. normal Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.2 fixed
#5125 SpecConstr messages should be reworded, and not be shown at standard verbosity level simonpj high Compiler 7.0.3 fixed
#3791 SplitObjs fails on sparc with GNU ld low Driver 6.12.1 fixed
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