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#807 glibc double free error when running program compiled for profiling with -px RTS option bug low Compiler 6.4.2
#854 Bogus markup in documentation for System.Posix.Process (and elsewhere?) bug low Documentation 6.4.2
#628 Make ordinary libraries work with SMP RTS simonmar task normal Compiler
#645 Make tick interval configurable igloo task normal Runtime System 6.4.1
#646 ASSERT fails on newtype + forall bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#655 Loading the GHC library from GHCi. feature request normal Compiler 6.4.1
#656 Provde a way to return values as Dynamic from the GHC API task normal Compiler 6.4.1
#659 Code bloat for instances of empty classes bug normal Compiler 6.4.1
#672 INLINE pragmas for default methods don't work simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.4.1
#679 using ReadWriteMode in Windows corrupts files simonmar bug normal libraries/base 6.4.1
#681 non-terminating instances involving FDs simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.4.1
#688 killThread and SMP simonmar task normal Runtime System 6.5
#699 GHCi doesn't implement foreign import on amd64 when interpreting. simonmar bug normal GHCi 6.4.1
#705 crash on readChan/writeChan bug normal Compiler 6.5
#718 FinalizerEnvPtr and newForeignPtrEnv missing from Freign.ForeignPtr bug normal libraries/haskell98 6.4.1
#746 ghc panic! with foreign import wrapper involving Bool bug normal Compiler 6.4
#747 Unloading a dll does not clean up properly bug normal Runtime System 6.4.2
#759 RULES ignored by recompilation checker simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.4.2
#760 Template Haskell doesn't like scoped type variables simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.4.2
#786 bugs around tagToEnum# simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.4.2
#791 The program built with ghc 6.4.2 -prof hangs, without -prof works igloo bug normal Compiler 6.4.2
#792 add viewMin/Max task normal libraries/base 6.5
#795 ghc-6.5.20060607: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) ... initC: srt bug normal Compiler 6.5
#797 nofib tests fail on Windows due to different EOL convention in output files igloo bug normal NoFib benchmark suite 6.4.1
#798 Ix{Int}.index: Index (402849792) out of range ((0,100)) bug normal Build System 6.5
#802 Allow two packages to use the same module name task normal Compiler
#814 RTS always grabs 256Mb on startup bug normal Runtime System 6.4.1
#820 problem compiling a file with top level Template Haskell splice bug normal Template Haskell 6.4.2
#852 Browsing a module in ghci can cause a panic bug normal Driver 6.5
#865 runghc extremely slow when output redirected to file on NFS bug normal GHCi 6.4.2
#883 cannot use (!) as an infix operator bug normal Compiler 6.5
#893 several "extralibs" packages missing Setup.hs bug normal libraries (other) 6.5
#900 SPECIALISE broken bug normal Compiler 6.5
#904 ":e test.hs" overwrites "test.hs" with emacs tags simonmar bug normal GHCi 6.5
#906 "the `impossible' happened: Maybe.fromJust: Nothing" when using {-# SOURCE #-} simonmar bug normal Compiler 6.4.2
#652 Have a single Data.Typeable hash table in GHCi task high Runtime System 6.4.1
#662 :main task high GHCi 6.4.1
#673 Import FastPackedStrings for 6.6 task high libraries/base 6.4.1
#704 change array interface to accomodate resizable arrays task high libraries/base 6.4.1
#713 SMP + FFI = crash... bug high Runtime System 6.5
#753 DLL generated by ghc does exit() bug high Compiler 6.4.2
#756 Threaded RTS deadlock when used with Visual Haskell simonmar bug high Runtime System 6.5
#803 malloc() without free() bug high Compiler 6.4.2
#805 Too many workers; runaway worker creation? bug high Runtime System 6.5
#815 Remove old versions of FFI syntax task high Compiler 6.4.1
#862 Document changes to packages task high Documentation 6.4.2
#875 assert fails on HEAD bug high Compiler 6.5
#899 GHC 6.5 gives wrong searchpath to gcc on mingw simonmar bug high Compiler 6.5
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