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#3642 GHC does not build using the Haskell Platform on Windows igloo high Build System 6.10.4 fixed
#3761 6.12.1 HC bootstrap failes due to suspicious static library ordering igloo normal Build System 6.12.1 fixed
#3794 Compiling a main program yields: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lHSrtsmain igloo normal Build System 6.12.1 fixed
#3849 6.12.1: make framework-pkg on OS X creates package with broken installer normal Build System 6.12.1 worksforme
#3860 bindists should check you have a new enough make igloo high Build System 6.12.1 fixed
#3904 Bug in shipped gcc makes profiling lose resolution igloo high Build System 6.12.1 fixed
#3934 add licence to Windows installer igloo high Build System 6.12.1 fixed
#2578 "ld: atom sorting error for ..." on OS X igloo high Compiler 6.10.4 fixed
#3655 Performance regression relative to 6.10 simonpj high Compiler 6.10.4 fixed
#3677 Optimizer creates stack overflow on filtered CAF simonpj normal Compiler 6.10.4 fixed
#3726 Internal error compiling ghc-syb- normal Compiler 6.10.4 worksforme
#3788 Improved message for GHC "No instance for" Errors normal Compiler 6.10.4 wontfix
#3799 undefined symbols and undefined references possibly related to template haskell normal Compiler 6.13 invalid
#3847 Windows installer has incorrect documentation shortcut igloo high Compiler 6.12.1 fixed
#3864 Bad error message if $TMP does not exist high Compiler 6.10.4 fixed
#3893 GHC on Windows lacks C++ support igloo high Compiler 6.12.1 fixed
#3516 [PATCH] ppc64: broken 'foreign import wrapper' high Compiler (FFI) 7.1 fixed
#3745 Non-deterministic behavior with FFI high Compiler (FFI) 6.10.4 worksforme
#3789 Segfault and -dstg-lint errors using FFI and -XEmptyDataDecls high Compiler (NCG) 6.12.1 fixed
#3759 -no-auto-link-packages flag isn't documented in User Guide normal Documentation 6.12.1 fixed
#3768 6.12.1 Mac OS X installer lacks all HTML documentation normal Documentation 6.12.1 fixed
#3773 Haddoc documentation on wrong function argument igloo normal Documentation 6.10.4 fixed
#3785 Broken link in library docs igloo high Documentation 6.12.1 fixed
#3929 hsc2hs can't find gcc when run directly on Windows simonmar normal Driver 6.12.1 fixed
#3813 Invalid warning from GHCi igloo normal GHCi 6.10.4 fixed
#3854 trac priority and milestone are completely hidden when not logged in igloo normal None 6.12.1 fixed
#3436 runtime: internal error: traverseWeakPtrList: not WEAK normal Runtime System 6.10.4 worksforme
#3553 parallel gc suffers badly if one thread is descheduled simonmar normal Runtime System 6.10.4 fixed
#3956 GHC6.12.2-RC1 runtime error: Invalid object in isRetainer(): 32 highest Runtime System fixed
#3778 "test -e" in testsuite doesn't work with Solaris /bin/sh igloo high Test Suite 6.12.1 fixed
#3586 Initialisation of unboxed arrays is too slow simonmar high libraries (other) 6.10.4 fixed
#3809 template-haskell 2.4 fails to compile with base 4.1 igloo normal libraries (other) 6.10.4 fixed
#3866 Constr Eq instance should have better documentation or semantics dreixel normal libraries (other) 6.12.1 fixed
#3784 --with-gmp-includes and --with-gmp-libraries don't affect the building process of integer-gmp/cbits/mkGmpDerivedConstants igloo normal libraries/base 6.12.1 fixed
#3130 copyFile and findExecutable don't work correctly if filename has national symbols high libraries/directory 6.10.1 fixed
#3441 readProcess ... (exit 11): failed simonmar normal libraries/process 6.10.3 worksforme
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