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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#4124 GHC rejects instance quotations with splices in the instance head bug low 6.12.1 fixed
#4128 Can't capture classes inside a template haskell type quotation feature request low 6.12.1 fixed
#4135 Can't Quote Instance Associated Types in Template Haskell bug low 6.12.1 fixed
#4170 Invalid "duplicate instance" error bug low 6.12.3 fixed
#2555 Template Haskell does not respect -package and -hide constraints bug lowest 6.8.2 worksforme

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#7277 Recompilation check fails for TH unless functions are inlined bug high 7.4.2
#4372 Extending quasiquotation support bug normal 6.12.3
#5463 SPECIALISE pragmas generated from Template Haskell are ignored bug normal 7.2.1
#5467 Template Haskell: support for Haddock comments feature request normal 7.2.1
#4429 Ability to specify the namespace in mkName reinerp feature request low 6.12.3
#5016 Make Template Haskell: -ddump-splices generate executable code feature request low 7.0.2
#1012 ghc panic with mutually recursive modules and template haskell bug lowest 6.8.2
#2340 Improve Template Haskell error recovery feature request lowest 6.8.2
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