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#5839 ARM linker support pcapriotti feature request high fixed
#6006 hs_init(NULL, NULL) segfaults on latest snapshot simonmar bug high 7.5 fixed
#5824 ARM StgRun register clobber list is broken simonmar bug high 7.4.1-rc2 fixed
#5214 SIGSEGV in yieldCapability () simonmar bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#5849 Buliding on arm broke in 7.4.1 bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#5851 RTS Crashes on Exit with double free simonmar bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#5866 Interrupting interleaved STM and resuming it produces segfault simonmar bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#5899 RTS crash w/ strange closure type 603975781 on OS X 10.8 bug high 7.4.1 worksforme
#5932 closure_type_names in Printer.c has BLACKHOLE and BLOCKING_QUEUE swapped simonmar bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#5969 Runtime crashes on parallel execution, GHC 7.0.4-7.4.1 simonmar bug high 7.4.1 invalid
#5838 integer overflow in rts/RtsUtils:heapOverflow() simonmar bug high 7.2.2 fixed
#5553 sendWakeup error in simple test program with MVars and killThread tibbe bug high 7.2.1 worksforme
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