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#4845 internal error: threadStackUnderflow: not enough space for return values simonmar bug highest 7.1 fixed
#5085 internal error: evacuate: strange closure type simonmar bug highest 7.1 wontfix
#4262 GHC's runtime never terminates unused worker threads simonmar bug high 6.12.3 fixed
#5238 throwSTM+catchSTM pollutes the masking state simonmar bug high 7.1 fixed
#5282 Bizarre results from -P profiler on OS X simonmar bug high 7.0.3 fixed
#5367 Program in (-N1) runs 10 times slower than it with two threads (-N2) simonmar bug high 7.0.4 wontfix
#5494 "PAP object entered!" error when throw is used instead of throwIO bug high 7.3 fixed
#5531 Segfault on Windows igloo bug high 7.2.1 invalid
#5558 Deadlock using unsafePerformIO to create a global MVar simonmar bug high 7.2.1 fixed
#5644 runtime crash while closing program due to +RTS -M limit simonmar bug high 7.2.1 fixed
#2090 Better stack management please feature request normal 6.8.2 fixed
#4319 Default to all cores for executables compiled with new flag -multicore feature request normal 6.12.3 fixed
#4391 forkIO threads do not properly save/restore the floating point environment bug normal 6.12.3 fixed
#4828 ghci fails to load fat binary archives on OS X igloo bug normal 7.0.1 fixed
#5381 internal error: MVAR_CLEAN on mutable list bug normal 7.3 fixed
#5604 Thread handle leak in runtime bug normal 7.2.1 fixed
#5634 compilation error (Mac OS X Lion, Xcode 4.2): LLVM cannot handle register variable ‘R1’ bug normal 7.3 fixed
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