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#7117 Data family constructors defined in GHCi are not in scope pcapriotti bug highest 7.4.2 fixed
#7138 GHCi does no respect -ignore-dot-ghci anymore pcapriotti bug highest 7.6.1-rc1 fixed
#7172 GHCi :issafe command doesn't work dterei bug highest 7.6.1-rc1 fixed
#3202 Make XNoMonomorphismRestriction the default in GHCi pcapriotti feature request high 6.10.2 fixed
#3858 the resolution of abbreviated commands in ghci is surprising. simonmar bug high 6.12.1 fixed
#5820 defining instance in GHCi leads to duplicated instances bug high 7.4.1-rc1 fixed
#6116 ctrl-c doesn't always work when entering text in ghci bug high 7.5 fixed
#7061 Allow 'default' declarations within GHCi simonmar feature request high 7.4.2 fixed
#2972 ppc ghci segfaults at startup pcapriotti bug normal 7.5 fixed
#5405 Strange closure type crash when using Template Haskell on OS X Lion bug normal 7.0.4 worksforme
#5975 ghci can't load file whose name contains non-ASCII chars? bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#6091 Fixity in :info for backticks operators pcapriotti bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#2947 infix precedence of backtick functions defined in ghci is not reported by :info pcapriotti bug lowest 6.10.1 fixed
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