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#832 GMP needs to be updated igloo bug high 6.4.1 fixed
#1457 Various debugger tests fail bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1505 Leaks implementation details simonmar bug high 6.7 fixed
#1650 .boot modules interact badly with the ghci debugger bug high 6.7 fixed
#1704 Exception when using the :list command in the GHCI debugger igloo bug high 6.8 fixed
#276 ghci compile option simonmar task normal None fixed
#1083 ghci says a module wasn't loaded under debugging mode when in fact it was mnislaih bug normal 6.6 wontfix
#1084 Improve coalescing of dynamic breakpoints in the ghci debugger mnislaih bug normal 6.6 wontfix
#1206 "Bad interface file: System/IO.hi" in ghci when ./System/IO.hs exists bug normal 6.6 duplicate
#1228 GHCi freezes in Windows upon pressing Ctrl+C (always, not just under cygwin) bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1268 GHCi reads from stdin do not handle ^D bug normal 6.7 invalid
#1275 ghci debugger is broken in the HEAD mnislaih bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1321 GHCi stdout bug when base package is not optimised simonmar bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1468 :browse should browse currently loaded module igloo merge normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1545 GHCi debugger doesn't work on an unregisterised compiler igloo merge normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1553 Error in "nameModule header{v a1Ax}" bug normal 6.6.1 worksforme
#1562 ghci crashes on startup bug normal 6.6 worksforme
#1565 using :r with argument destroys bindings igloo bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1587 ":i (->)" doesn't work igloo bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1669 GHCi debugger underlining is in the wrong place bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1681 :abandon in an exception breakpoint can lead ghci to freeze later igloo merge normal 6.8 fixed
#1682 ghci Foo.hs should load the Foo.hs file interpreted feature request normal 6.7 duplicate
#1685 getCPUTime does not work in general bug normal 6.7 worksforme
#1743 debugger: confusion with shadowed bindings igloo merge normal 6.8 fixed
#1378 command line switch to disable ghci banner feature request low 6.6.1 fixed
#1155 ghci -debug generates slightly odd message bug lowest 6.6 fixed
#1162 :quit doesn't always quit GHCi when stopped at a breakpoint bug lowest 6.7 invalid
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