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#3554 ASSERT failed! file TcMType.lhs line 349 chak bug normal 6.10.4 fixed
#3613 Better error messages for do-notation bug normal 6.10.4 fixed
#3826 Can't infer type (type family as "element" type) simonpj bug normal 6.12.1 fixed
#3460 Can't use superclass when type coercions are involved chak bug low 6.10.4 fixed
#4355 Coud not deduce (Typeable a) from context (Typeable a, …) simonpj bug high 7.1 fixed
#1769 Deriving Typeable for data families chak task low 6.9 fixed
#4232 Finish and merge new typechecker branch simonpj bug high 6.13 fixed
#3651 GADT type checking too liberal simonpj bug normal 6.10.4 fixed
#3787 GHC 6.12.1 panic simonpj bug normal 6.12.1 fixed
#4394 IPRun failure bug highest 6.12.3 fixed
#4120 Iface type variable out of scope in cast bug high 6.13 fixed
#3440 Improve error message for GADT failures bug low 6.10.4 fixed
#3696 Incorrect type inferred with -fwarn-missing-signatures and a type class bug low 6.10.1 fixed
#4179 Infinite loop with type function inference bug normal 6.12.3 fixed
#4174 Jumbled error message from type family operator bug normal 6.12.1 fixed
#4178 Lazy evaluation of type families causes quantified type variables to escape bug normal 6.12.1 fixed
#4226 Lifting constraints is questionably correct for implicit parameters. bug normal 6.12.1 fixed
#3638 Redundant signature required with RULES and GADTs bug normal 6.13 fixed
#4395 T1735(ghci) failing with core-lint error igloo bug highest 6.12.3 fixed
#3330 Type checker hangs chak bug normal 6.12.1 RC1 fixed
#1634 Type signature normalization igloo bug low 6.6.1 fixed
#4361 Typechecker regression simonpj bug high 7.1 fixed
#4009 can newtype be extended to permit GADT-like declarations simonpj feature request normal 6.12.1 invalid
#4235 deriving Enum fails for data instances bug normal 6.12.3 fixed
#2239 lack of improvement/reduction with TFs simonpj bug low 6.12.3 fixed
#4396 tc003(hpc) failing with link error bug highest 7.1 fixed
#4392 tcrun020 failure bug highest 6.12.3 fixed
#4008 type error trying to specialize polymorphic function simonpj bug normal 6.12.1 invalid
#3851 type family does not get expanded in ghc-6.12.1 bug normal 6.12.1 fixed
#4356 type instance doesn't work when the type is (->) simonpj bug high 7.1 fixed
#3584 type signature involving a type family rejected bug normal 6.10.2 invalid
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