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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1496 Newtypes and type families combine to produce inconsistent FC(X) axiom sets simonpj bug normal 6.7 fixed
#5591 Type constructor variables not injective simonpj bug normal 7.2.1 fixed
#7294 -fdefer-type-errors doesn't produce a warning bug normal 7.6.1 fixed
#7312 panic! applytTypeToArgs with non-infix function type constructor simonpj bug normal 7.6.1 fixed
#5609 Type checking arrow notation in the presence of deferred constraints ross bug low 7.3 fixed

Status: new (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#4347 Bug in unification of polymorphic and not-yet-polymorphic type bug normal 7.1
#4385 Type-level natural numbers diatchki feature request normal
#5590 "guarded instances": instance selection can add extra parameters to the class simonpj feature request normal 7.2.1
#5927 A type-level "implies" constraint on Constraints feature request normal 7.4.1
#4020 Please consider adding support for local type synonyms feature request low 6.12.2
#4479 Add Type Directed Name Resolution feature request low 7.5
#4921 report ambiguous type variables more consistently feature request low 7.0.1
#5248 Infer type context in a type signature feature request low 7.0.3
#5267 Missing type checks for arrow command combinators ross bug low 7.0.3
#5296 Add explicit type applications feature request low 7.0.3
#344 arrow notation: incorrect scope of existential dictionaries ross bug lowest 6.4 None
#1330 Impredicativity bug: Church2 test gives a rather confusing error with the HEAD simonpj bug lowest 6.7
#1894 Add a total order on type constructors feature request lowest 6.8.1
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