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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2680 Type-checking performance regression bug high 6.8.3 fixed
#2202 type error causes type checker stack overflow chak bug normal 6.8.2 fixed
#2418 desugaring type function application to constraint makes bug disappear bug normal 6.9 duplicate
#2432 type family panic: Coercion.splitCoercionKindOf chak bug normal 6.9 fixed
#2448 Type equality constraint not propagated to superclass chak bug normal 6.9 fixed
#2452 Add a flag to disable the implicit qualified import of every available module in interactive mode simonmar feature request normal 6.9 fixed
#2572 scoped type variables: bad error message, and wrong semantics? bug normal 6.9 fixed
#2573 Illegal polymorphic or qualified type with generics bug normal 6.8.3 fixed
#2618 Order is relevant when matching signature contexts of a mutually recursive group bug normal 6.8.3 invalid
#2714 No match in record selector Var.tcTyVarDetails merge merge normal 6.10.1 fixed
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