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#5072 Segfault on OS X in interpreted code bug high 7.0.3 worksforme
#5715 Inliner fails to inline a function, causing 20x slowdown bug normal 7.2.1 invalid
#5716 Failure when using promoted data family instances bug normal 7.5 fixed
#5776 Rule matching regression bug normal 7.5 fixed
#5810 OSX Lion building 7.4 head causes Haddock Divide By Zero bug highest 7.4.1-rc1 fixed
#5921 Two GHC linkers running in parallel on Windows goes wrong bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#5993 Segfault with threaded runtime and low +RTS -k bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#6041 Program hangs when run under Ubuntu Precise bug high 7.4.1 invalid
#7027 Lots of unnecessary recompilation bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#5623 GHC 7.2.1 Performance Regression: Vector simonpj bug high 7.3 fixed
#5853 Out-of-memory crash when using RULES and type families simonpj bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#5920 stack overflow in strict function depending on return type simonpj bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#5878 main-is is too conservative simonmar bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#5891 "createDirectory: already exists" error with parallel build simonmar bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#5943 Code without MVar: "thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation" simonmar bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#6071 Compiled program segfaults simonmar bug highest 7.0.4 worksforme
#5337 mkRtsOptionsLevelObj should respect -optc standard headers pcapriotti bug high 7.0.4 fixed
#5900 Git HEAD on PowerPC : Error: operand out of range pcapriotti bug high 7.5 fixed
#5967 incompatible implicit declaration of function 'memcpy' pcapriotti bug high 7.4.1 fixed
#5976 Panic in a user Template Haskell function is wrongly reported as a GHC bug pcapriotti bug normal 7.4.1 fixed
#6099 filepath library a lot bigger in 7.4.2 RC 1 pcapriotti bug highest 7.4.2-rc1 fixed
#5343 ghci should do an automatic ":r" after ":e" igloo feature request high 7.0.3 fixed
#5828 OSHaiku igloo bug normal 7.4.1-rc2 fixed
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