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#736 Allowing any newtype of the IO monad to be used in FFI and extra optional entry point simonpj feature request high 6.4.1 fixed
#767 withMVar family have a bug bug high 6.4.1 fixed
#840 GHC on "loosing" its handles takes 100% CPU igloo bug high 6.4.2 fixed
#1046 Make array indexing immune to seg-faults igloo feature request high 6.6 fixed
#1163 ghc install should support DESTDIR igloo bug high 6.6 fixed
#1261 optLevelFlags is not monotonic bug high 6.7 fixed
#1271 Vista: we need to add manifests to binaries to subvert installer-detection simonmar task high 6.6 fixed
#1280 System.Directory.getPermissions gives wrong answer on Vista simonmar bug high 6.6 fixed
#1297 No LANGUAGE option for # in symbols bug high 6.6 fixed
#1343 HEAD build failure with assember errors about "8 byte pc-relative relocation" bug high 6.7 fixed
#1350 Win 9x support feature request high 6.6.1 wontfix
#1366 GLOBAL_VAR being inlined? simonpj bug high 6.7 fixed
#1384 Exporting a module that isn't imported doesn't fail igloo bug high 6.7 fixed
#1397 GHC blows up while compiling Language.Haskell.TH.Syntax with -O2 bug high 6.7 fixed
#1427 GHC fails to compile with gcc 4.2.0 simonmar bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1478 Flag to get information about the compiler and RTS igloo feature request high 6.6.1 fixed
#1512 NCG to handle cyclic fixups for rematching register assignment for jump blocks bug high fixed
#1519 Biography heap profiling aborts simonmar bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1525 :browse shouldn't print single-constructor data definitions twice simonpj feature request high 6.7 fixed
#1546 maessen_hashtab is broken simonpj bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1569 error in compiling ghc-6.6.1 on 64-bit linux simonmar bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1591 runghc, ghc rts or base implements unintuitive shell escaping in Windows bug high 6.6.1 wontfix
#1626 hpc package cannot be loaded into GHCi bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1635 unreg build is crashing igloo bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1667 make install tries to write to /share bug high 6.7 fixed
#1714 GHC crashes when encountering arrow syntax bug high 6.8 duplicate
#1718 ghc.exe: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) simonpj bug high 6.8 fixed
#1737 cholewo-eval -dcore-lint failure in 6.8.1 igloo merge high 6.6.1 fixed
#1739 Can't compile apps with the -fvia-C flag - Can't locate igloo merge high 6.8 fixed
#16 Extensionsflags igloo feature request normal None fixed
#801 random list from randomseed ... amd64 differs igloo bug normal 6.4.2 fixed
#810 GHC complains about missing instance in conjunction with GADTs simonpj bug normal 6.4.1 fixed
#879 Merge GHCi.debugger patches mnislaih task normal 6.5 fixed
#909 problems building base package with --make; wired in things are assumed to not be in current package simonpj bug normal 6.4.2 fixed
#924 TcRnDriver.checkHiBootIface should check exports igloo bug normal 6.4.2 fixed
#930 ghc-6.6: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) mkWWcpr: not a product GHC-Brian-6.5.1:IdInfo.IdInfo{tc rfD} bug normal 6.5 fixed
#934 Allow load to work correctly when executed multiple times the same session for BatchCompile feature request normal 6.4.2 duplicate
#990 hi version is read too late bug normal 6.7 fixed
#995 Needless call to fromInteger for literals bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1000 Refactor HPC support AndyGill task normal 6.7 fixed
#1003 Cleanup: remove old usage stuff from primops.txt and genprimopcode task normal 6.6 fixed
#1024 Include cc1plus.exe into GHC distribution for Windows feature request normal 6.6 fixed
#1027 GHC-as-a-library does too much recompilation when given recursive module imports simonmar bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1054 Not in scope test failures bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1073 ghc-6.7: internal error: R_X86_64_PC32 relocation out of range bug normal 6.7 worksforme
#1080 Arrows desguaring does not take account of bindings in patterns ross bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1094 loop optimization by removing constants feature request normal 6.6 duplicate
#1116 Error building ghc on Solaris 9 bug normal 6.6 invalid
#1151 small program misbehaves with -fvia-C simonpj bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1165 clausify has a space leak with -O2 bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1197 Windows: conc023.exe: getMBlocks: VirtualAlloc MEM_RESERVE 1 blocks failed: Not enough storage is available to process this command. bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1251 GADTs with newtype deriving can crash GHCi / cause Core Lint to fail bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1255 UNPACKing a !Foo with newtype Foo = (Ptr Foo) causes the impossible bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1277 illegal chars accepted in literal strings merge normal 6.6 fixed
#1285 panic in HEAD building base library bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1287 SPECIALIZE causes panic igloo bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1301 make install does more than that igloo bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1317 add warning for the Prelude being imported implicitly Isaac Dupree feature request normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1322 gcc --make recompiles hs-boot files unncessarily igloo bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1361 When trying to run yi, it fails to compile main, and exits with an error bug normal 6.6.1 wontfix
#1376 panic caused in ghci by the following code involving monad transformers bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1396 Panic in slitFunTy bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1401 otherwise ambiguous field names shouldn’t be treated as ambiguous when the data constructor is known feature request normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1416 Testsuite doesn't always work on MSYS with Cygwin Python bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1425 Print operator types as infix feature request normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1446 -fallow-incoherent-instances suggested when already used simonpj bug normal 6.6.1 invalid
#1469 GHC suggests -fglasgow-exts, and not {-# LANGUAGE #-} pragmas or "Extensions:" cabal field bug normal 6.6 fixed
#1538 GHC/Float.lhs on Mac OS X 10.4 can not always be compiled with -split-objs bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1588 unrequested generalized newtype deriving? igloo bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1601 ghc-6.6.1: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 7600 bug normal 6.6.1 worksforme
#1616 segfault in generated file when using NOINLINE bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1636 Profiling reports contain $f1, $f2 etc bug normal 6.7 duplicate
#1656 Bignum exponentiation yields wrong results bug normal 6.6 worksforme
#1688 Attached file causes stack overflow bug normal 6.7 fixed
#1706 type checking does not terminate for ghc- simonpj bug normal 6.8 fixed
#1709 simplifier causes stack overflow in ghc- simonpj bug normal 6.8 fixed
#1712 unknown symbol “glutGet” bug normal 6.8 fixed
#1728 generic classes broken bug normal 6.8 fixed
#1746 GADT bug with -O2 igloo merge normal 6.8 fixed
#1763 dictionaries in GHC.Float not being inlined simonpj bug normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1782 gmake check-packages fails for ghc- on solaris igloo merge normal 6.8 fixed
#1785 xargs failure simonmar bug normal 6.8 fixed
#1794 map has strange unfolding, code blowup and performance loss igloo merge normal 6.6.1 fixed
#1795 typechecker loops on simple program with fundep simonpj bug normal 6.8 fixed
#106 com. line args not honoured for recompil bug low None duplicate
#445 panic! mkWWcpr: not a product simonpj bug low 6.4 duplicate
#1008 Remove unregisterised way task low 6.6 fixed
#1256 GHC warns about omitting type signatures; would be more helpful if it supplied inferred type signature feature request low 6.6 fixed
#1567 too little information from error message when matching types with same unqualified name fails bug low 6.6.1 fixed
#1751 program with GADTs segfaults when compiled with -prof and -auto-all bug low 6.6.1 fixed
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