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#912 Build system is missing various dependencies bug high 6.5 fixed
#1346 bootstrap from HC files igloo bug high 6.6.1 fixed
#1924 Rewrite the handling of values we get from ./configure igloo bug high 6.8.1 fixed
#1962 make binary-dist creates nested directories under solaris bug normal 6.8.1 fixed
#2619 Can't build older compiler bug normal 6.11 fixed
#2744 Missing requirement check for hsc2hs bug normal 6.10.1 fixed
#2770 Missing check that C compiler is C99 compatible bug normal 6.10.1 fixed
#2781 Install permissions broken bug normal 6.10.1 fixed
#2970 detecting readline in top-level ./configure is no guarantee of readline support bug normal 6.8.3 wontfix
#3173 Install fails when using DESTDIR bug normal 6.10.2 fixed
#3201 ar: Bad file number simonmar bug normal 6.10.2 fixed
#3233 Cleaning on Windows currently fails bug high 6.11 fixed
#3254 add a configure option to turn off profiling bug normal 6.10.3 wontfix
#3255 libHSrts_thr_p.a created even when profiling disabled bug normal 6.10.3 fixed
#3289 make -j3 (or make -j30) occasionally fails on 6.11 bug normal 6.11 fixed
#3350 GHC doesn't compile on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) via MacPorts bug normal 6.10.3 invalid
#3374 Profiling libraries are not installed bug high 6.11 fixed
#3426 Misuse of SRC_HC_OPTS simonmar bug normal 6.10.4 fixed
#3438 Unregisterised build broken bug high 6.11 fixed
#3448 Error with .so files in HEAD snapshot distribution igloo bug high 6.11 fixed
#3451 HsFFI.h import doesn't work as installed simonmar bug high 6.11 fixed
#3481 Nightly snapshot fails to install igloo bug high 6.11 fixed
#3493 "make install" fails with error on rts/Config.h in HEAD igloo bug high 6.11 fixed
#3494 missing build system dependency igloo bug high 6.11 fixed
#3495 make install DESTDIR= is failing in ghc HEAD igloo bug high 6.11 fixed
#3512 template-hsc.h installed under /usr/share (datadir) simonmar bug high 6.11 fixed
#3525 current dist source fail to build when Happy not found simonmar bug normal 6.11 fixed
#3529 Can't push to checked-out repos any more simonmar bug high 6.11 fixed
#3531 Haddock needs tcRnGetInfo, hence GhcWithInterpreter YES igloo bug high 6.11 fixed
#3542 ghc-cabal deadlocks bug high 6.10.4 fixed
#3598 ghc-stage2 binary name confusing for users igloo bug high 6.12.1 RC1 fixed
#3599 haddock assumes $libdir/ghc- bug high 6.12.1 RC1 fixed
#3610 Installer has hard-coded path /usr/bin/strip bug high 6.10.4 fixed
#3644 ./configure fails while gcc version checking bug high 6.13 fixed
#3662 Don't know how to install documentation simonmar bug normal 6.12.1 RC1 fixed
#2107 "make install" doesn't install local copy of manual feature request high 6.9 fixed
#3115 mark ghc.cabal so that unsuspecting newbies don't try to edit it feature request normal 6.11 fixed
#3226 please eliminate error message from Make on every build feature request normal 6.11 wontfix
#3228 please make it easier to remove a file from the GHC sources feature request normal 6.11 fixed
#3375 Add a command-line option to the darcs-all script to specify the darcs repository to use simonmar feature request normal 6.10.3 wontfix
#2789 GMP update required igloo task normal 6.8.3 fixed
#3139 automate "cabal check" in ghc release process task normal fixed
#3475 bump base version to 5, add base4-compat task high 6.10.4 fixed
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