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#2335 Haddock's internal GHC version must match the configured GHC version bug high 6.8.2 fixed
#2385 Include cabal-install in the release task high 6.8.3 wontfix
#2694 Building GHC 6.10 with Cabal 1.6 fails due to in-tree Cabal 1.5.5 bug high 6.9 fixed
#654 Cabalization of the GHC library. igloo feature request normal 6.4.1 fixed
#1389 readline checks in can probably be removed igloo task normal 6.7 fixed
#2265 GHC 6.8 (STABLE) autoconf version requirements issue bug normal 6.8.2 fixed
#2390 RPM spec file not present in source distribution tarball igloo bug normal 6.8.3 fixed
#2423 Panic building GHC version 6.8.3 for powerpc-apple-darwin bug normal 6.8.3 fixed
#2441 Ghc-pkg cannot unregister/expose/hide packages in non-first package databases simonmar bug normal 6.9 fixed
#2495 Source dist should include Happy/Alex-generated sources bug normal 6.8.3 fixed
#2564 ext-core docs igloo task normal 6.8.3 fixed
#2567 HEAD doesn't install the ghc package anymore igloo bug normal 6.9 fixed
#2582 We need to provide runhaskell igloo bug normal 6.9 fixed
#2654 pwd problems bug normal 6.11 invalid
#2662 should install ghc-pkg with versioned name again igloo bug normal 6.9 fixed
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