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#5104 Improve the API for TChan, TMVar, and TVar simonmar task normal 7.0.3 fixed
#5151 Switch to upstream binary repo igloo task highest 7.0.3 fixed
#1070 Add hPutNonBlocking to Data.ByteString duncan feature request high 6.6 fixed
#2671 Data.Time.Clock parseTime's %y parses "08" as 1908 ashley@… bug normal 6.8.2 fixed
#2722 <<loop> when compiling with -O option with ghc- bug normal 7.0.1 invalid
#4827 Data.Array.IO.hPutArray/hGetArray ignore count argument batterseapower bug high 6.12.3 fixed
#5034 Performance of Data.Graph.{preorderF, postorderF} simonmar bug normal 7.0.2 fixed
#5042 STM, newArray, and a stack overflow simonmar bug normal 7.0.2 fixed
#5100 Stack space overflow when using -N2 and not with -N1 simonmar bug high 7.1 fixed
#5353 Cabal bug building haddock, alex, happy, etc duncan bug highest 7.1 fixed
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