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#5056 typo in DEBUG RTS options simonmar bug high 7.0.2 fixed
#4999 build fails on powerpc: error: 'ObjectCode' has no member named 'misalignment' igloo bug high 7.0.2 fixed
#5228 Wrong format specifiers break debug build bug high 7.1 fixed
#4303 Segfault in RTS (apparently only MacOS) FFI related? igloo bug highest 6.12.3 wontfix
#4922 Segfault / Assertion failed in RTS (Compact.c) simonmar bug high 7.0.1 worksforme
#4464 RTS options broken for dynamic libraries bug normal 7.1 fixed
#5176 RTS build failure with gcc-4.6.1 igloo bug highest 7.1 fixed
#4839 RTS assertion failure when heap profiling threaded programs. bug high 7.0.2 worksforme
#5259 Heap used by compacting collector larger than heap used without. simonmar bug high 6.12.3 worksforme
#2236 Deep stacks make execution time go through the roof bug low 6.8.2 fixed
#5257 Calling fail on a UTF-8 encoded string (in file) causes garbage to be printed bug normal 7.0.2 fixed
#5611 Asynchronous exception discarded after safe FFI call simonmar bug normal 7.0.3 fixed
#4928 Add primops for copying/cloning an array in the new codegen ezyang feature request normal 7.0.2 fixed
#5114 -with-rtsopts, ghc_rts_opts not honoured bug normal 7.0.3 fixed
#5026 +RTS -G1 is broken simonmar bug high 7.0.2 fixed
#3976 '+RTS -S' reports negative allocation. bug low 6.12.1 worksforme
#5314 "internal error: heapCencus, unknown object: 0" with retainer profiling simonmar bug high 7.0.4 fixed
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