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directions for gtk building on lion

1NOTE: on lion (and snow leopard i suppose), make sure you are using a 64 bit install of ghc. Also, unless you are suggesting an edit to these directions, please go ask people on the relevant mailing list or wiki for help :)
2NOTE: gtk2hs 0.12.2 won't build with ghc 7.4.1, but the current darcs repo for gtk2hs does build
3NOTE: on 7.4 there seems to be a problem when in ghci and drawing to a window, but not when rendering to pdf.  I don't know why this is, but if you do, let me know. I'll update this as i have more info
5note that these directions probably can use some cleanup, but i'm choosing these steps so that rebuilding any haskell library doesn't require remembering ANYTHING :-)
6(tested on ghc 7.2.2, assumes you have standard developer things installed on mac, like x11 and stuff)
81) cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools  #(this should work with any haskell platform install)
102) brew install cairo gtk gettext fontconfig
123) brew link cairo gettext fontconfig and all the other dependencies listed for brew's gtk formula
13this is best done with
14by hand running brew link for each of the items in `brew deps gtk` along with fontconfig and gettext.
15some of these will already linked, and some won't be, so this command makes it simpler
16 # brew will complain, who cares, this makes your life easier (at least if you're living in a haskell world :p )
18NOTE: you will need to make sure that all these Brew libs are built, and linked in
204) download libfreetype, heres a URL you can use http://sourceforge.net/projects/freetype/files/freetype2/2.4.8/freetype-2.4.8.tar.bz2/download?use_mirror=iweb
215) unpack libfreetype, and then run
22./configure ; make ; make install
23this will install the static and dynamic library files for lib freetype in /usr/local/  (../include and ../lib) , which is what you'll want, though this will contribute to brew doctor complaining, but again, this is the easiest way
256) cabal install gtk
27this should work sans complaints!
29now you can eg
30cabal install chart-gtk 
31and run
32this https://gist.github.com/1655252 example chart code either by building with ghc and running the executable
33or by running main in ghc, and
35try out some other cool libraries like diagrams!