Ticket #3196: ghc-libffi-prof.patch

File ghc-libffi-prof.patch, 586 bytes (added by juhpetersen, 8 years ago)

patch to not install libHSffi_p.a when no profiling

  • ghc-6.11.20090425/libffi/Makefile

    diff -u ghc-6.11.20090425/libffi/Makefile\~ ghc-6.11.20090425/libffi/Makefile
    old new  
    6969INSTALL_HEADERS += ffi.h
    7070STATIC_LIB = libffi.a
    71 INSTALL_LIBS += libHSffi.a libHSffi_p.a HSffi.o
     71INSTALL_LIBS += libHSffi.a $(if $(findstring p, $(GhcLibWays)),libHSffi_p.a,) HSffi.o
    7373# We have to add the GHC version to the name of our dynamic libs, because
    7474# they will be residing in the system location along with dynamic libs from