Ticket #2093: unix-large-file-support.bundle

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2New patches:
4[add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE check to configure.ac
5[email protected]**20080213223619
6 As explained in this thread:
8 http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell-cafe/2008-February/039549.html
10 getSymbolicLinkStatus (and possibly other functions) return completely
11 bogus results. This is because hsc2hs returns the offsets for stat64,
12 but the library is built such that it calls the 32 bit lstat call.
14 I copied the AC_SYS_LARGEFILE from ghc's configure.ac. So, I believe
15 the library should now properly autodetect whether your system has
16 large file support and do the right thing more often. I suspect that
17 this would still be buggy if ghc was built without large file support,
18 but the library was built with it enabled. However, as long as
19 AC_SYS_LARGEFILE returns the same results for 'ghc' and 'unix', things
20 should be ok ?
21] {
22hunk ./configure.ac 13
24+dnl ** Enable large file support.  NB. do this before testing the type of
25+dnl    off_t, because it will affect the result of that test.
31[Throw a proper exception if getUserEntryForName fails to find an entry
32Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20080115020547
33 Fixes trac #2033.
35[Add a test getUserEntryForName for trac #1976
36Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20080115020540]
37[protect against concurrent access to the signal handlers (#1922)
38Simon Marlow <[email protected]>**20071204110839
41[Fix some haddock links
42Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20071126184521]
43[Throw a proper exception if getGroupEntryForName fails to find an entry
44Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20071110235805
45 We used to get
46  *** Exception: getGroupEntryForName: failed (Success)
47 Fixes trac #1655
49[fix framework failures
50Simon Marlow <[email protected]>**20071029114606]
51[Remove incorrect comment
52Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20071014101756]
53[Specify build-type: Configure
54Duncan Coutts <[email protected]>**20071018125127]
55[Bump version number
56Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20071014101806]
57[Support for 57600 and 115200 baudrates
58[email protected]**20071016191631]
59[Also guard the foreign declaration of __hsunix(grant|unlock)pt by HAVE_PTSNAME
60Clemens Fruhwirth <[email protected]>**20071016143846]
61[Add basic pseudoterminal support.
62Bryan O'Sullivan <[email protected]>**20070925113330]
63[check for shm_open/shm_unlink (for archs like OpenBSD without them)
64Don Stewart <[email protected]>**20070916025218]
65[Add more entries to boring file
66Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20070913210721]
67[Add a boring file
68Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20070913204658]
69[in pPrPr_disableITimers (who made up that name?) call the RTS to disable the timer
70Simon Marlow <[email protected]>**20070912145647
71 Since we switched to using timer_create() in the RTS, this function
72 has been failing to disables the timer interrupts.  This turns out to
73 be the cause of the random framework failures in the test suite.
74 Invoking the RTS to turn off the timer signal is the right thing.
76[TAG ghc-6.8 branched 2007-09-03
77Ian Lynagh <[email protected]>**20070903155840]
78Patch bundle hash: